March 16, 2009

Keep bleeding.... D:

Dammit...fucking Comic Works screws all my outlines up ._.! The ink keeps bleeding and it seems shaky D: But well i guess it´s the paper, too.....I use too much rubber so the surface gets easily rough T_T
But yay finally i can use Fun Shirts ...i love them so much! But still not satisfied enough to show the whole pages at all I´m sorry .-.

And some epic picture wip


  1. Warte, sagt sie das wirklich auf der Seite...?! Und danke, dass du das Bild wieder gepostet hast *_* <3

  2. That background you have going on there is beautiful *-* What are you saying, your inking skills are marvelous! :D

  3. thanks to you two for your kind comments ;_; <3

    I hope the background will more improve XD!

  4. Ich mag das Zahnpasta-Mädchen sehr! Ihr Gesicht und ihr T-Shirt sind toll!
    Überhaupt, dieser Raster-Kram... Das geht mir völlig ab...! xD

    MfG, Nessa