May 15, 2010

No title idea...

Some WIP´s...again...!

A long wanted Starbucks pic with a Sony notebook :D
I watched a really great musicvideo on youtube and immediately had some ideas and took some screencaps. It´s gonna be some kind of "mirror reflection"...

And some sketches :D

Oh and i finally got the print of my selfmade "Artbook". It´s gonna be a gift...But I will replace some pictures to print a second one i guess. So this is kinda a "promo version" If you want to take a look, i shot some photos!


  1. wow tolle bilder und tolles artbook!! sieht voll nach ner guten quali aus, wo hast du das drucken lassen?? Oo

    und ich find die letzte skizze total schön.. richtig schön..hach soviel emotion <3


  2. Great work as always, Iru. You are a skilled digital painter. I especially love the second illustration, partly because of it's unfinished look, but also for its contrast between the angelical figure of the girl and the black surroundings with the rough white line work.

  3. Der Hg in Bild 1 find ich unheimlich gelungen.O_O
    Bei Bild 2 gefällt mir ihr Ausdruck sehr.^_^
    Und du hast einen tollen Skizzenstil!>A<

  4. @mari.
    beim Saturn T_T die bieten so fotobücher an von Cewe..da hab ich dann einfachmal ein Artbook draus gemacht XD!!

    freut mich sehr dass es dir gefällt mari maus T_T

    Thank you so much for your kind comment! I´m really happy that you specially like the second illustration. I really tried to do some contrast this time. Hope the finished piece will keep it!

    aw danke dir T_T wollte mal was mit richtig "fett" HG machen...und ich mag HG´s eigentlich nicht so weil ich es meist langweilig finde..aber da ich cafe´s mag, war es doch sehr erträglich das zu coln XD!
    vielen dank nochmal T__T <3

  5. Greetings from Cape Town,
    I think your work is amazing.
    Really like your style.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful artwork here! I follow you!

  7. Thank you very much for your visit
    I like your style of drawings
    Amitiés Denis