July 08, 2011

Watercolor - Ain't that a bitch?

After coming home from italy, i had the urge to draw with watercolors again. I was once more so impressed by the Blacksad comics that I had to challenge watercolors again...

As you might know, I really want to make some WWII romance story someday...maybe even colored. But after trying to do one page it might be...just ink in the future...The first two panels are really sh...Well the faces could be better. With natural media, I just have limited skillz to retuch faces or correct things like HELL WRONG anatomy.
(no refs, no look ups...so the uniforms plus backgrounds are not historically correct)
Brofist :D
And one of my friends managed to win a sketch and autograph from the artist of Blacksad TAT!!!
They let it sign just for me ;_; Into the new Blacksad issue <3

Thank you so much Spoony! Plz visit her awesome blog <3 http://spoon-kn.blogspot.com/


  1. Also, ich find die Wassersachen jetzt gar nicht so mies wie Du. Das ist schon tausendmal besser als das, was ich hinkriegen w├╝rde... xD
    Und das Autogramm ist einfach nur wow. O.O

  2. woow i like yours sketches, are pretties!! :)
    You got autograph´s Black Sad. Congratulatz!!