November 18, 2011

It's November already....

Here we go again with Wip's and the first pages of my new Storyidea =D

Kiriban gift picture on DA. Trying to capture Gale from "The Hunger Games" Please, please read it !

Inspired while I was reading The Hunger Games. Woodscene with original characters!
(another guy will follow!)

Well and now let's see how I did so far on my new "History Drama". First of all a preview of the crappy cover..!

Followed by pages...just german for now, I'm sorry my english readers ;_;

Dunno if I'll keep this style. But drawing like this, I get pages done very quickly!....Still I don't like the character design that much...will work on it :)


  1. Nice sketches! Keep it up!
    Will you post this comic somewhere? I would like to read it ^_^

  2. Wow was für schöne und saubere Seiten^^

  3. very good Sketches!! :)
    Your comic are amazing! Like looks war at 1945.

  4. @Ki
    aw thank you so much! you're a great inspiration to me, I feel so honored <3 I just got 4 Comic Pages by now. As soon as I finished a little more, I'll post it somwhere and notify you all on this blog :D

    Vielen vielen lieben Dank, Sil ;_;<3

    @Ju Loyola
    Thank you Ju! I am so happy that the 1945 war is recognizable!!<3<3 Thank you really so much ;_; <3